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About me:

As many people, my path wasn't easy, but thanks to toughness, I managed to achieve important objectives, among which obtaining the relational counselor certificate, in 2020, it allows me to practice that vocation with passion and awareness.

During the same period, I've obtained the Ihbes method trainer's certificate, a journey to discover a deeper self knowledge. A path to learn how to rediscover our own nature and to discover our skills.

For more than 10 years I also practice physiological manipulation, in which I've specialised, also trough improving courses that i keep doing. I'm enrolled into A.I.P.O (italian olistic practitioner association) that assemble many practitioner in many olistic fields and guarantee them professional updates.

A thing that I really enjoy of my job is to see customers transformation, seeing how the posture and facials expressions changes that has no price!